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Acculam® Epoxyglas G10,FR4 Laminate Sheet is a glass fabric reinforcement in an epoxy resin binder. The natural color is light green. It is the most versatile laminate with extremely high mechanical strength, good dielectric loss properties, and good electric strength properties under both dry and humid conditions. It certifies to NEMA FR4 and MIL-I-24768/27. Note: Other colors and thicknesses are available. Contact for pricing and availability of items not listed. Note: Minimum order for catalog items is $ 75.00.
Unit of Measure

Material type

N/A Panel


N/A Natural

Thickness (inches)

N/A 0.093 inches

Acculam Trade Names

N/A EpoxyglasTM

Sheet Mil Specification (Mil-I-241768)

N/A 27

Reinforcement Resin Binders

N/A Glass cloth epoxy


N/A Cut from sheet

Tolerance For Width

N/A ±0.187 inches

Tolerance For Length

N/A ±0.187 inches

Thickness (mm)

N/A 2.362 mm

Unit- Full Sheet (inches)

N/A 36 x 24