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Acculam® Laminate Sheets

As a leading manufacturer and innovator of high pressure laminates, Accurate Plastics is proud to supply our customers with the highest quality products available. We encourage you to explore the size options that we have to offer for our NEMA  & MIL-I-24768 thermoset laminate sheets.  Our NEMA FR4 sheets offer the widest range of sizes and colors in the industry. We are always glad to share our knowledge and information about our products with our customers.  Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

Laminate Pre-cut Panels

These pre-cut panels are cut from laminate sheets are available as listed below. Other thicknesses, panel sizes and grades are available. Contact our sales department at for more information and to learn about pricing and additional products not listed.  Note: Minimum order for catalog items is $ 75.00.

Acculam ® Tubes-Standard Grades

Standard Grades of Acculam® Laminate Tubes

$75 is the minimum amount for orders of catalog items Contact us at for additional information and to learn pricing and availability for items not listed below.

Our Epoxyglas™ G10, FR4 laminate tube is fabric reinforcement made of glass with a binder made of an epoxy resin.  The G10 tube is the most versatile of the Epoxyglas™ tubing, offering a mechanical strength that is extremely high along with good properties related to dielectric and electric strength with use in dry or humid conditions. The G10 tubing is a natural light green color and certifies to NEMA FR4 and MIL-I-24768/27.

Epoxyglas™ non-FR G10 tube is similar to the FR4 in that it is a fabric reinforcement made of glass with the exception that the non-FR grade has a binder made of epoxy resin that is non-halogen. This phenolic tubing is not flame retardant but it does have some advantages in applications where halogen content is not desired. The Epoxyglas™ G10 non-FR laminate tubing will certify to NEMA G10 as well as MIL-I-24768/2 and has a natural light yellow/green color.

Epoxyglas HT G11, FR5 is another grade of the fabric reinforcement made of glass tubing that has a high-temp epoxy resin binder. Similar to the FR4 tubing, this grade has a higher operating temp along with superior mechanical properties when used under elevated temperatures. It retains its good properties when used in either dry or humid conditions and will certify to NEMA FR5. It has a natural yellow/green/tan color.

Epoxyglas HT™ G11, non-FR is a fabric reinforcement made of glass tubing in a high-temp, binder made of epoxy resin that is non-halogen. Like the G11 OR FR5, the G11 non-FR maintains its properties when used in dry or humid conditions and also has good dimensional stability in combination with creep resistance under low and high-temp cycling environments. This tubing will certify to NEMA G11 and has a natural light tan/green color.

Siliglas™ G7 is also a fabric reinforcement made of glass with high-temp-resistant silicone resin binder, offering excellent heat-resistance and arc-resistance in addition to having good dielectric loss properties. In comparison to the G10 and G11 laminate tubing, the G7 has somewhat lower mechanical properties. The G7 will certify to NEMA G7 and MIL-I-24768/17 and has a natural off-white color.

Melaglas™ G5, G9 is a fabric reinforcement made of glass tubing with a melamine resin binder. This is among the hardest of all glass-based laminate tubing and offers excellent arc-resistance in addition to good resistance to caustic chemicals. The G5 and G9 grades will certify to NEMA G5/G9 and MIL –I-24768/1/8 and has a natural grey/tan color.

Phenolglas™ G3 is made to work as a fabric reinforcement made of glass tubing with a phenolic resin binder. It offers good heat resistance, low thermal expansion and high mechanical strength. The Phenolglas™ G3 will certify to NEMA G3 and MIL-I-24768/18 and has a natural amber/brown color.

Phenolfab™ C, CE is a cotton fabric reinforcement combined with a phenolic resin binder that has good mechanical properties as well as toughness. This tubing will machine well and provide good wear-resistance. It will certify to NEMA C/CE and MIL-I-24768/14/16 with a natural amber/brown color.

Phenolfab™ L, LE phenolic tubing is fabric reinforcement that is finely woven from cotton tube with a phenolic resin binder that has mechanical properties that are good. The fine weave of the tubing makes it possible to do more intricate and detailed machining. This tubing offers greater moisture resistance than the C or CE grades. It will certify to NEMA L OR LE and MIL –I-24768/13/15 and has a natural tan/brown color.

Phenolkraft™ XX is a Kraft paper reinforcement that is made with a phenolic resin binder. This choice in phenol tubing provides good electrical insulating and electrical properties along with good machining capabilities and lower costs. It will certify to NEMA XX and MIL –I-24768/11 and has a natural tan/brown color.

Laminate Round Rod

Acculam Laminate Round Rods are ground from NEMA Grade sheet materials and vary in length from 36” to 48”. The rods are sold by the length. Acculam also can supply rolled and molded rods in many grades. Contact for availability and pricing for items not listed. Laminate Rod minimum order value is $ 75.00.

Laminate Molded Rod

Angles & Shapes

Custom Laminate Products

Epoxyglas™ G10/FR4--MIL-I-24768/27--NEMA FR4

Epoxyglas™ G10 nonFR--MIL-I-24768/2 --NEMA G10

Epoxyglas HT™ G11/FR5-MIL-I-24768/28 -NEMA FR5

Epoxyglas HT™G11 nonFR-MIL-I-24768/2 -NEMA G11

Siliglas™ G7

Melaglas™ G5 / G9

Phenolglas™ G3

Phenolfab™ C/CE-MIL-I-24768/14/16 --NEMA C/CE

Phenolfab™ L/LE-MIL-I-24768/13/15 --NEMA L/LE

Phenolkraft™ XX--MIL-I-24768/11 --NEMA XX

Epoxyglas™ G10/FR4--MIL-I-24768/27--NEMA FR4 Sheets

At Accurate Plastics, we make it as easy to get FR-4 material that is right for your application. We offer our popular Epoxyglas FR4 sheet in various sizes including 36” x 48”, 48” x 48” and 48” x 96”. Simply choose the size of sheet that you need and then make the choice of thickness that is right for your application. Flame retardant (NEMA FR-4) is accepted worldwide as the grade of fiberglass-reinforced epoxy laminate for use when self- extinguishing properties are desired. Additionally this grade of Acculam Epoxyglas laminate sheets provides high mechanical strength, good dielectric loss properties and good electric strength regardless of whether use is in dry or humid conditions.

FR4 material comes in a natural light green but is also available in other colors and thicknesses than those listed here. Request a quote or additional information by choosing the right option on the product pages. We also have FR4 and G10 tubes, FR4 Rod and pre-cut panels with all the same desirable properties as our laminate sheets for your insulation applications.

Accurate Plastics has built a reputation for having only the best products and service. We have gained worldwide recognition for production of laminate sheets that are recognized as the best in the world. With a low minimum, it is easy and convenient to get exactly the products you need and the quality you can rely on to get the best results every time!

Epoxyglas™ G10 nonFR--MIL-I-24768/2 --NEMA G10 Sheets

NEMA grade G-10 sheet material is among the most versatile all-around laminate grades available. Some important features include its high mechanical strength, stability in high and low temperature applications, good electric strength and dielectric loss properties either wet or dry. With virtually non-existent water absorption, this material is an outstanding choice as an insulator. Acculam Epoxyglas G10 properties allow its use in a wide range of applications. NEMA G-10 (True G10) has a non-halogen epoxy resin binder reinforced with fiberglass fabric that is used in applications where halogen content is not desired and low water absorption is essential.

Epoxyglas G-10 material is available in a wide range of thicknesses in standard sheet sizes as shown below as well as G10 Tubes, and pre-cut panels. Contact us to learn more about pricing and other high pressure laminates not listed. Acculam thermoset plastic laminate products are worldwide recognized and accepted as the best products of their type.

Epoxyglas HT™ G11/FR5-MIL-I-24768/28 -NEMA FR5 Sheets

Epoxyglas HT™G11 nonFR-MIL-I-24768/2 -NEMA G11 Sheets

Phenolfab™ C/CE-MIL-I-24768/14/16 --NEMA C/CE Sheets

Phenolfab™ L/LE-MIL-I-24768/13/15 --NEMA L/LE Sheets

Accurate Plastics can serve all of your thermoset plastic needs. Listed below you can find our selection of Phenolfab ( linen phenolic) Laminate Sheets. Note that linen phenolic tubes, linen phenolic rods and pre-cut panels are also available. These laminate sheets can very often be utilized as cost-saving alternatives to many products like steel or aluminum due to superior wear characteristics along with good strength and thermal resistance along with electrical insulating capability. So browse our selection of this versatile plastic today. You will find the right product for your needs.

Phenolkraft™ XX--MIL-I-24768/11 --NEMA XX Sheets

Accurate Plastics has your phenolic paper and thermoset plastic needs covered on our website. Here you can find our wide selection of paper phenolic sheet products for a variety of uses. “Phenolics” is generally used as a blanket term when describing various materials that utilize phenolic resin as a binder to saturate sheets of paper, linen or canvas in order to create a thermoset plastic sheet or an industrial laminate. Heat and pressure are used to make these thermoset resin saturated materials. Phenolic-paper based materials are used in applications where rigid materials are needed and can be used for government and military applications. So check out our fine selection of paper phenolic products now! You know it’s right when it’s Accurate Plastics.

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